Hobby Lake Tigers on TV

We are delighted that Hobby Lake is to feature in the current series of BT Sport’s ‘On the Bank’ TV programme!

News of our famous tigers has spread far and wide and a BT Sport film crew descended upon Hobby Lake this week as show presenters Rob Hughes and Andy Ford attempted to ‘tame’ their very first tigers!

With plenty of tips and tactical advice delivered by our very own JT the duo set about the task and with a side wager on who could catch the most, and largest, fish it proved to be a needle match right from the off!

Fish on for Andy as JT watches!

In perfect conditions for fishing the duo caught plenty and our tigers did indeed put in an appearance – but who caught the most and how big were the fish?

To find out you will have to tune in and see! The show airs at the following times:

Mon 10th April 21.00 BT Sport 2
Tues 11th April 04.00 BT Sport 2
Wed 12th April 08.30 BT Sport 1
Thurs 13th April 10.00 BT Sport 1
Fri 14th April 05.00 BT Sport 1

Well, Andy tamed a tiger…