Haywards Farm Lake, Summer Closure

High water temperatures and low dissolved oxygen concentrations are always challenging conditions for salmonids and this year’s record summer temperatures have exacerbated the problem. Because of this, in the interests of fish welfare, we are closing Haywards Farm Lake with immediate effect. We apologise for any inconvenience caused but trust all our fisherman will understand … Continue reading Haywards Farm Lake, Summer Closure »

Summer Catch and Release Changes

With water temperatures creeping ever higher during the current heatwave conditions we are now running our aerators 24/7 and, thankfully, the fish remain fighting fit and the fishing excellent. However, to relieve stress on the return of captured fish in warm and less well oxygenated water, we are temporarily removing our catch and release facility. … Continue reading Summer Catch and Release Changes »

Luca’s ‘Grand Slam’

Ten-year-old Luca Greenham landed a fabulous ‘Grand Slam’ from Haywards Farm Lake this week with a rainbow trout of 2lb 6oz, a blue trout of 2lb 8oz and a brown trout of 2lb 4oz. Luca presented a damsel pattern and fished from one of the fishery boats in the company of his father. Remember – … Continue reading Luca’s ‘Grand Slam’ »

Amended Fishery Hours – 18th June 2017

Due to a private event, Haywards Farm Lake will only be open for fishing until 2pm on Sunday 18th June. A special morning ticket will be available at a reduced rate, please contact the fishery on 0118 930 3860 for further details. The onsite store will also close at 2pm.

Bin It!

With increasing numbers of anglers using the fishery we are beginning to find increasing amounts of waste line discarded on the banks. Consequently, we have positioned leader bins around the fishery for you to dispose of knotted leaders. Please be responsible and use them and help to maintain the welfare of the wildlife we enjoy … Continue reading Bin It! »