Hobby Lake Update

To ensure Hobby Lake remains in perfect condition throughout the year, the Game Fishing Centre team has been busy carrying out essential venue maintenance throughout the winter, despite the storms and adverse conditions!

One of the more recent tasks has been to introduce netlon ‘sausages‘ of barley straw into the water, which will slowly begin to breakdown as the water begins to warm up during the spring. Research has shown that decomposing barley straw can produce a highly effective algicide as a result of microbial (probably fungal) action and it is hoped this will result in improved water clarity this summer.

Campbell (L) and Robin, preparing the straw sausages which should help to improve water clarity in Hobby Lake this summer.

Hobby Lake is spring fed and crystal clear with abundant fly life and offers superb floating line fishing with nymphs or dry fly. It is stocked with fin-perfect rainbow, blue, brown, golden, sparctic and tiger trout well into double figures and is offered on a private booking basis for groups of up to 4 anglers. It is always rested between bookings, to ensure you have every chance of a red letter day and the price of £375 (for 4, with a 4 fish limit per person) includes exclusive use of the lake and the well–appointed Hobby Lodge, BBQ facilities and 2 rowing boats (life jackets supplied). We supply all you need for a perfect day’s trout fishing, just bring your own food, drink – and friends! For full details just click HERE.