Fishing Report 1st November 2021

Brown Rainbow Other Total
0 0 0 0

Average Weight: .
Best Fish: 5lb
Rod Average: .


It’s been another mixed week with the weather, from howling winds and torrential downpours to mild and flat calm – we saw it all! Despite the varied conditions, plenty of fish were landed up to around 5lb including some beautiful blues.

Floating lines and sink tips have been the ‘go-to’, but on the windier days intermediates and slow sinkers gave anglers more control and allowed them to connect with one or two extra fish. Early mornings have seen some very large hatches of buzzer (mainly green) and the fish have had no hesitation about coming to the surface to feed.

Water temperatures are now dropping nicely and are sitting around the 12C mark. With some colder weather forecast this should continue to decrease. Clarity is just how you would expect for this time of year, gin clear is the only way to describe it, all the summer weed has gone and the fishery is in great condition.

It is worth noting that the changeable conditions have meant that tactics have had to change through the day to make the most of the fishing. Early in the morning, nymphs and naturals have done the most damage with lures picking off more fish as the day goes on. Green has been the most common colour for the hatching buzzers but diawl bachs and crunchers have taken their share of fish also. Cat’s whiskers, blobs and white humungous lures have scored well, with some fish willing to chase. Hopefully the colder weather will bring on the fry feeding soon!