Week ending 14th October 2018

Brown Rainbow Other Total
0 105 0 105

Average Weight:
Best Fish: Phil Knight 6lb 9oz
Rod Average: 3


We reopened on 7th October after what seemed like an eternity, having closed in mid-July due to the extreme weather and subsequent high water temperatures and low dissolved oxygen concentrations.

Plenty of fish in the 4 to 6lb bracket were reported when we opened, with Phil Knight landing a nice fish of 6lb 9oz on a cat’s whisker and, as reported in the news section of the site previously, Martin Thumwood bagged one of the two tagged trout in his haul of 15 fish and walked away with a cool £750. Martin fished a black blob to tempt the fish. One more tagged fish remains at large in the lake and with another £750 plus up for grabs it could be you!

Fishing was consistent through the week and patterns fished in the top 3 to 4ft have been working well, but fish have been localised so do keep moving until you find them. The boat fishing has also been good with buoys 1 and 2 providing most of the catches.