Week ending 20th January 2019

Brown Rainbow Other Total
0 112 0 112

Average Weight: 3lb 14oz
Best Fish: 13lb 14oz to P. Power
Rod Average: 3.2


Fishing conditions have been challenging this week but some great fish have been caught by those who have ventured out and fished to the conditions, including Mr. P. Power who caught a 13lb 14oz rainbow from Duffer’s Point fishing a tadpole on an intermediate line.

Fish are still mainly concentrated still in that top 4ft of water but the colder conditions this week will probably see a return to the more traditional depths and tactics normally associated with this time of year.

Diawl bachs, buzzers and small pheasant tails were still producing the goods, fished as slowly as possible – or static – and the fish are remarkably still well within range from the bank.

The boat fishing has also been fairly steady with intermediate lines and tadpoles in black and green being the order of the day but make sure you fish the hang right to the boat as the fish are happy to follow and that sudden change of speed or complete stop makes them commit. To book a boat please call 0118 930 3860.

The shop and fishery are both shut on Monday 28th January for our annual stocktake so apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. We are open again as usual on Tuesday 29th.