Week ending 24th June 2018

Brown Rainbow Other Total
2 121 13 136

Average Weight: 2lb 15oz
Best Fish: 8lb 1oz Blue - David Sterne
Rod Average: 2.8


Fishing conditions are becoming more challenging with the continuous warm weather but fish are still being caught in reasonable numbers.  Moving around the lake is key to success with those staying in one spot struggling for fish.  Fishing an intermediate line with a damsel is likely to prove the most successful method as the weather is set to stay warm for the foreseeable future.  Why not take out a boat which gives you automatic access to the deeper cooler water?

Regular rod David Sterne caught a wonderful 8lb 1oz blue trout which took him all the way to the backing on several occasions!

The most wanted trout in the country was seen 3 times this week but still remains uncaught, we are convinced it will eventually succumb to a small slow/static-fished nymph and the prize fund is now in excess of £1500!