Fishing Report 13th December 2021

Brown Rainbow Other Total
0 0 0 0

Average Weight:
Best Fish: 11lbs
Rod Average: 5


Well that was far more like it! The second named storm of the winter didn’t really hit with the ferocity that was forecast. Some rain and wind appeared but the fallout didn’t put the fish off one bit with anglers all reporting good bags of fish throughout the week. Most had bags around 5-6 fish each with a couple of anglers hitting double digits. Fish were on the move all over the lake and have certainly been more active than in the last couple of weeks which is great to see.
Some good hatches of buzzer during Saturday’s near flat calm conditions brought fish to the surface, but most targeted fish on sink tips and mini lures. Many anglers were reporting lots of nips and short takes on long tailed flies so try trimming them back a little to get a solid hook up. The bigger fish are back on the feed with quite a few in the 5-7lb bracket being landed. With the largest rainbows just tipping over the double figure mark, these fish are giving anglers a proper scrap. Snakes, blobs, cat’s whiskers and dog nobblers have been the most successful fly patterns.
Come on down and get a piece of the action before Christmas!