Fishing Report 6th December 2021


It’s fair to say that the expected weather for this time of year has finally arrived with low single figure day temperatures and even colder temperatures at night but, if anything, a few frosts and some icy cold winds have seemed to spur the fish on a little more.
Despite the tough weather conditions we had a decent number of anglers come and fish and plenty caught decent bags. Lots of 4, 5 and 6 fish bags were reported on a variety of methods but top of the list were snake flies, particularly in hot pink! Intermediate lines have been a popular approach too, just allowing a little more control of depth, especially on the windier days.
Fish have now congregated in several areas of the lake and if you can face casting into the wind they have been hanging around the windward shores in numbers. Do make sure you tackle up with strong leaders though (minimum 6lb, but we recommend 8lb+) as there are some real brutes in the lake.
With these current cold conditions looking set to continue we expect plenty more hard fighting fish to make an appearance over the next week, so do give the Christmas shopping a wide berth and come along and spend a day with us instead!