Fishing Report 14th February 2022

Brown Rainbow Other Total
0 0 0 0

Average Weight:
Best Fish: 8lbs 11oz
Rod Average:


Last week was a mix mixed one weather-wise, with some very cold nights and a touch of frost. Finally though, dare we say it, it’s starting to feel a little spring-like. Some lovely still days have seen big hatches of buzzer and plenty of fish taking advantage with lots of surface activity – great to see so early in the year.
The fishery has been busy with anglers making the most of the improved conditions and there were plenty of bent rods to be seen. The fish continue to be relatively high up in the water and floaters through to intermediates have been the lines of choice. Snakes, blue flash damsels, leeches, blobs and buzzers have taken the majority of the fish with plenty of 4-7lbers making an appearance.
Best fish of the week was just short of 9lb and gave its captor a real runaround. Don’t forget to submit your catches for the Troutmasters competition, entry forms are available in-store so just ask a member of staff and they will be happy to help.