Fishing Report 15th November 2021

Brown Rainbow Other Total
0 0 0 0

Average Weight:
Best Fish: 6lb rainbow
Rod Average:


Hi folks, JT back here again with a look at the last few days on the fishery and it was yet another mixed week with the weather and, consequently, the fishing on Haywards Farm Lake experienced some ups and downs but we saw some good catches, with fish to 6lb.

Early morning tended to bring flat calm conditions with the fish moving freely on the surface, chomping down buzzers, but as the days progressed they pushed further out into the deeper water. The first fry bashing was also seen this week, coinciding with the first proper leaf drop. We struggle to remember a year when the leaves on the trees have held on for quite so long as they have this year.

Cat’s whiskers, blobs, FABs, snakes and buzzers were the most successful flies but with the fish occasionally feeding hard on top don’t ignore the dry fly: Bob’s Bits, carrot flies, hoppers and small CDC shuttlecocks are all worth a go.

We had another big stocking last week,  including a good number of fish in the 4-7lb bracket, so make sure your leader is strong enough – even the smaller fish are fighting really hard.

There have been no particular hot spots to shout about and the fish are well distributed all over the lake and keeping on the move is the key to finding feeding fish.