Fishing Report 17th January 2022


It certainly was a week of proper winter weather and anglers were greeted most mornings by a heavy frost and clear skies. Despite these conditions, the gentle winds and sun did have some buzzers hatching off through the day and fish did freely eat from the surface which is great to see.
Most anglers took to the mini lures and the usual suspects did take fish. Snakes have worked in black, but orange blobs came into their own this week with some good bags being taken of up to 6 fish. Fish have been shoaled up and can take a little bit of finding but when anglers have located them they have done well. With the low temperatures, fish have stayed a little further out in the deeper water but have stayed relatively high in the water column. The water is in fantastic condition and gin clear, and as a result the fish are fighting hard so please use strong enough leader material!
Don’t forget to fill out a Trout Masters ticket in the tackle shop if you land one of the many big fish we have in the lake. Speak to our team for more information.