Week ending 15th April 2018


Buzzers have been very popular this week with many fish falling to size 10 and 12 offerings in a mixture of colours. Hatches have been good and sustained through the day and fish have been keen to rise. CDC shuttlecocks and bobs bits have worked well with several good bags up to double figures falling on the ever faithful blue flash damsel. The boat has been popular with anglers, only one is available as JT is busy giving the other boat a full refurbishment, we are hoping that it will be ready to go back in the water soon now that it has finally been dry! Please book ahead if you would like to use the boat to avoid disappointment. Notable bags include regular Martin Thumwood who landed 10 up to 7lb on damsels. The big blue was seen during a lesson but so far continues to evade capture, you never know next time you visit it could be you!