Week ending 19th January 2020

Brown Rainbow Other Total
4 127 16 147

Average Weight: 3lb 15oz
Best Fish: 11lb 8oz
Rod Average: 3.9


The fishery has seen a huge influx of water from both the heavy rain and the adjacent stream back filling the lake via Kingfisher Pond (the lake has risen by around 2ft). Sadly, Kingfisher and Haywards Farm Lake have now become one and some of the residents of Kingfisher have ventured out to the wider world of its larger neighbour!

Despite this, the fishing has been very good indeed with several anglers having bags well in to double figures in regards to numbers and some very big fish up to around the 14lb mark have been caught and returned, there have also been a lot of 4lb to 8lb fish caught. Several tagged trout have been netted too, with 3 coming out in just one day!

With the high water, fish have been more than happy to follow a fly right into the bank so don’t be too keen to pick up and recast in case something is following close behind and lots of fish are moving all over the lake so stay on the move. As far as patterns are concerned, buzzers, bloodworms and damsels have taken plenty of fish, as have mini lures such as blobs and cat‘s whiskers.