Week ending 1st March 2020

Brown Rainbow Other Total
3 63 5 71

Average Weight: 3lb 2oz
Best Fish: 9lb 12oz
Rod Average: 2.2


As if we haven’t seen enough bad weather, the end of storm Dennis gave a couple days of “better” weather before the announcement of the third named storm in as many weeks. Storm Jorge didn’t live up to the predictions but did bring some very heavy rains and strong winds which did as expected keep a lot of anglers away. Those that did brave the conditions had some very rewarding catches and the fish very fighting super hard. The water levels are up and down but remain far higher than normal and fish can still be found hugging the shallows.


Indicators with buzzers and blobs have worked well when left static or retrieved very slowly. Fish have been all over with no particular spots being the stand out areas. The boats are still out of commission at the moment but keep an eye on our website as to when the water levels drop far enough for us to start to let them back out again.