Week ending 25th March 2018

Brown Rainbow Other Total
5 79 12 96

Average Weight: 3lb 5 oz
Best Fish: Rainbow 9lb Brown 7lb 8oz
Rod Average: 3.1


More rain again this week and once again the lake is up another few inches and the fish are seemingly very hungry and feeding hard. Buzzers still taking top honours this week but the usual suspects taking the rest. Fish are still high in the water and floating lines or midge tips have been the line of choice. Slightly larger buzzers have been seen but still only around a size 14. Keeping on the move has been key as the wind has been quite changeable and the fish have been found all over the lake so no particular hot spots. JT spotted the yellow tagged blue trout which looks like it has gained some weight since being stocked and is a solid double so make sure you have a decent breaking strain leader to hand!