Fishing Report 12th May

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It’s been a week of change that’s for sure, not just in the weather but also in the fly activity! Warm weather with a mix of rain and some heavy thunder and lightning at times seems to have flicked a switch with many of the aquatic inhabitants of the lake and hatches have suddenly come to life!

Buzzers continue to pop off through the day but now have started to be accompanied by alders, caddis, a few daddy long legs, damsels and the first of this year’s mayfly.

Saturday saw a good number of may duns breaking out after a solid day of rain and the fish were very quick to realise that these strange-looking things were indeed food, with the emergers and adult duns getting hit almost immediately. On bright days expect to see late dun hatches as they aren’t big fans of sun, so staying on into the evening could see some excellent sport.

Naturals needless to say have been the best line of attack with anglers taking many bags up to high single and even low double figures this week. Hopefully, the volume of the hatch will grow over the coming week but we are definitely now heading towards duffers fortnight so it’s the perfect time to dust off the dry fly boxes and head down for a go.