Catch Returns

Week ending 10th November 2019

Brown Rainbow Other Total
0 162 5 167

Average Weight: 3lb 6oz
Best Fish: 12lb rainbow to P. Muir
Rod Average: 3.1


This was another good week, despite some challenging conditions, with plenty of fish caught including some of our newly–introduced tiger trout. The fish of the week was a cracker of 12lb to P. Muir that fell for a damsel pattern and was returned alive. Damsels of various variants were certainly the patterns to be on … Continue reading Week ending 10th November 2019 »

Week ending 3rd November 2019

Brown Rainbow Other Total
0 184 5 189

Average Weight: 3lb 14oz
Best Fish: 11lb 1oz
Rod Average: 4.0


It has been another very busy week on Haywards Farm Lake with lots of fish showing amidst some great buzzer hatches which, at times, has seen the lake just fizzing with fish. The Farlows team of Jonny Muir, Jack Gregorie and Ashton Pohl enjoyed some great sport last weekend with 14 fish between them. Mini … Continue reading Week ending 3rd November 2019 »

Week ending 27th October 2019

Brown Rainbow Other Total
0 177 7 184

Average Weight: 3lb 10oz
Best Fish: 8lb 12oz
Rod Average: 4.1


An excellent week here at the Game Fishing Centre saw plenty of fish being caught from both boat and bank and some of Hayward Farm Lake‘s newly–introduced tiger trout also put in an appearance. Snakes are the pattern to be on at the moment but a few fish are still falling for small buzzers presented … Continue reading Week ending 27th October 2019 »

Week ending 20th October 2019

Brown Rainbow Other Total
0 152 0 152

Average Weight: 3lb 4oz
Best Fish: 7lb 9oz
Rod Average: 3.9


The highlight of the week for us was our ‘ 50:50 Learn to Fish‘ event, which took place here on Saturday 19th October. Beginners of all ages, but mostly juniors, firstly had a talk on fly fishing from Charles Jardine before learning a little entomology and fly tying and then getting a casting lesson from … Continue reading Week ending 20th October 2019 »

Week ending 13th October 2019

Brown Rainbow Other Total
0 138 0 138

Average Weight: 3lb 14oz
Best Fish: 8lb 9oz rainbow to Jeff Brearley
Rod Average: 2.8


Thanks to periods of fairly incessant, heavy rain this was a challenging week to say the least, but there were still fish to be caught and we did see bent rods throughout the period. Thankfully, with the weather finally beginning to dry out, we are already beginning to see far better returns and a lot … Continue reading Week ending 13th October 2019 »

Week ending 6th October 2019

Brown Rainbow Other Total
0 269 0 269

Average Weight: 4lb 2oz
Best Fish: 11lb rainbow to D. Gibson
Rod Average: 4.8


And we are off for the start of the autumn and winter season on Haywards Farm Lake, and what a start it was with torrential downpours greeting the few who braved the opening day storms! A couple of the brave fishers did have the last laugh though, as they netted some cracking fish. The fishing … Continue reading Week ending 6th October 2019 »

Week ending 21st July 2019

Brown Rainbow Other Total
0 54 4 58

Average Weight: 2lb 12oz
Best Fish: 12lb 3oz
Rod Average: 2.1


The fishing is slowing, as you might expect at this time of year, but the boats are still catching and there are fish coming during the evenings too. Damsels were the top pattern last week (catching a few perch as well as trout) but buzzers are still producing too. Don‘t forget that next weekend is … Continue reading Week ending 21st July 2019 »

Week ending 14th July 2019

Brown Rainbow Other Total
0 42 1 43

Average Weight: 2lb 2oz
Best Fish:
Rod Average: 1.9


A quiet week but damsels and buzzers are still taking a few fish, with the lion‘s share coming to the boats, but don‘t forget that in two weeks‘ time ANYTHING GOES! That’s right… fly, lure and bait will all be allowed on Haywards Farm Lake for our Any Method Weekend – Sat 27th and Sun … Continue reading Week ending 14th July 2019 »

Week ending 7th July 2019

Brown Rainbow Other Total
0 59 7 66

Average Weight: 2lb 14oz
Best Fish:
Rod Average: 2.7


Despite the continued high water temperatures, the fishing was good this week and although there were a few blank returns there were plenty of good catches too with Bob Todd top of the list with a 12–fish day, all taken on daddies and gold heads. Mark Tibbell used similar patterns for a 6–fish day. We … Continue reading Week ending 7th July 2019 »

Week ending 30 June 2019

Brown Rainbow Other Total
0 52 0 52

Average Weight:
Best Fish: 10lb
Rod Average: 2.2


After a mini heatwave, that severely curtailed prospects this weekend, there are now clear signs that the fishing on Haywards Farm Lake is beginning to slow down for summer. We will now be switching on our aeration system and monitoring water temperatures carefully to ensure that the fish are not becoming stressed and will enforce … Continue reading Week ending 30 June 2019 »