Week ending 6th October 2019

Brown Rainbow Other Total
0 269 0 269

Average Weight: 4lb 2oz
Best Fish: 11lb rainbow to D. Gibson
Rod Average: 4.8


And we are off for the start of the autumn and winter season on Haywards Farm Lake, and what a start it was with torrential downpours greeting the few who braved the opening day storms! A couple of the brave fishers did have the last laugh though, as they netted some cracking fish.

The fishing improved greatly as the weather improved with plenty of fish coming from the banks, the boats really only coming to the fore at the weekend, when the fishery was busier. That said even on busy days those bank anglers who kept on the move and searched the water found feeding fish.

Mini lures, fry patterns and minkies were all successful, but ignore buzzers on a floating line at your peril!